Eau Noire
Bridging the gap between technical feat and raw beauty

Hic sunt dracones

Our philosophy is that no discipline or design should be considered black magic; we aim to come up with elegant and intuitive solutions to problems of any scale.

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Eau Noire is a traveling interdisciplinary studio based out of Montreal and Berlin. We cater to those who are inspired by the fringes of the art world, and are always looking for a challenge.

Our experience is vast and varied, with our latest projects having integrated elements of audio signal processing, photography, projection mapping, flame effects, systems architecture, interactivity, programming, live show audiovisual recording and mixing, international freight logistics, electronics engineering, sound system design, and structure engineering.

We are always happy to meet the intrigued over tea, feel free to contact us if you would like to chat, have an idea of any scale you would like to realize, or for a portfolio showing.

Montreal, Canada
Berlin, Germany
+1 514 400 9356
+49 30 5884 9048